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Based on this investigation, the probation officer will write a report either recommending that your record be sealed, or stating that you are not eligible to have your record sealed and why.

If you run the risk of having your application denied by a judge, then a probation officer will notify you and suggest that you do not continue with the application. A probation officer will send a letter to you stating the risks and recommending you do not reapply unless you want to hire an attorney. You can re-submit your application at any time, but your fee will not be reimbursed.

If the probation officer recommends that your record be sealed, the next step is to calendar a juvenile court hearing with a judge, the probation officer and the district attorney.

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At this hearing, a judge will decide whether or not your juvenile records may be sealed. You do not have to appear at the hearing, but it is highly recommended that you are present to answer any questions the judge may have.

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Once a judge reviews your application they will either grant or deny your request to seal your juvenile record. A judge may choose to deny your application for reasons including a lack of rehabilitation, adult charges, and crimes of moral turpitude. The Court will send a record sealing order to all of the agencies involved in your case, which includes, but is not limited to, police agencies, probation agencies, and courts.

Sealing a juvenile record does not affect the ability of insurance companies to access your records through the Department of Motor Vehicles DMV in Sacramento, nor will it prevent the Federal Government, including branches of the military service, from accessing your sealed records pursuant to Section of the Welfare and Institutions code. Monterey County, California Courthouse Records.

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